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Brilliant, captivating game - One of the better, original board games seen in a long time for kids. This comes in with a fresh, vibrant gameplay. The gameboard, pieces, and other components are highly attractive. The game is highly captivating and my 4-year-old son has been hooked ever since I gifted him this. He plays this almost daily without fail with me and my wife - Saurabh Mittal

Superb quality - The game is very simple and multiple people can play together. But I was amazed to see the product quality. Fantastic  - Arun Chawdhary 

Forest Run Game Component

Children and Adults, both love this - The game is exciting for children since they can make the opponent's moves as well. Promotes logic, maths, strategy, and fun at the same time. Good for ages 7 and above. Even for adults. The game can go on for hours - Ganapathy Subramaniam Shanmugham

Family Bonding

6 STAR GAME !! - Perfect game! You can purchase it with your eyes closed. While purchasing I thought it was just like Snakes and Ladders and a few other things but once we started playing it, it was dope. We’re playing it like daily. Even 1 game is enough to charge you up. You can play in the group too and with the help you can do many things. I rarely write reviews but such games should have more reviews and at least 4.5 stars overall. The rulebook is there which will help you if you’ll face any issues - Sanjay Marwaha

In conclusion, these real experiences from parents reflect a whole lot of love for Nikola Forest Run. Are you ready to add this masterpiece to your parenting toolkit? Your kids will undoubtedly thank you! 

Forest Run


 Nikola Forest Run: A Captivating Jungle Adventure Board Game for Kids and Family | Enhances Math, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving Skills | for 2-4 Players, 30-45 min

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