Memory games have been a cherished activity for generations, providing more than mere entertainment. They offer valuable cognitive and educational advantages for all age groups. Whether you're a child enhancing learning skills or an adult maintaining mental acuity, memory games can enhance your daily routine. These engaging exercises challenge a child's memory, contributing significantly to cognitive and educational development. Additionally, memory games foster social skills, requiring effective communication and influence. They stimulate the brain and enhance both short-term and long-term memory. The benefits of memory games for children's development are abundant, making them an enjoyable and productive tool for learning.                                                                      

Recap Memory Board Game


Memory games challenge individuals to remember and recall information. This information may pertain to the game or be entirely unrelated. These games assess a player's capacity to retain knowledge and are often characterized by a competitive spirit. If an activity or task is crafted to evaluate a person's memory skills, it falls under the category of memory games. For example: Matching games involve finding pairs of identical items in a grid, requiring players to concentrate and remember the locations.


Memory games offer numerous benefits, especially for cognitive development. Here are some of the advantages of playing memory games:

  1. IMPROVES MEMORY: Memory games are designed to enhance both short-term and long-term memory. Repeatedly exercising memory helps in retaining information better.
  2. ENHANCES CONCENTRATION: Memory games demand focused attention to details. Players must concentrate on patterns, sequences, or pairs of items, which would improve their overall concentration. Playing memory games would encourage individuals to focus on the task at hand. This will positively impact attention span and enhance the ability to complete tasks without distractions.
  3. BOOSTS COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: These games stimulate the brain and promote cognitive development. They challenge problem-solving skills and critical thinking.
  4. ENHANCES VISUAL RECOGNITION: Many memory games involve matching items, which can improve visual recognition skills and the ability to identify similarities and differences.


WORD GAMES: These games require players to recall words, hence improving memory, vocabulary, and problem-solving skills. Nikola Word Finder card game is a super fun way to boost your vocabulary.

Tortue Word Finder

JIGSAW PUZZLES: Putting together jigsaw puzzles demands concentration and memory to remember the shapes and positions of the pieces. Nikola 3 in 1 Jigsaw puzzle has 3 different sets of puzzles, which makes it unique and parent’s favourite.

Tortue 3 in 1 Jigsaw Puzzle

TRIVIA: Trivia games are a stimulating way for players to test their knowledge and memory skills by recalling facts and figures across various topics. Our Around the Globe game offers an educational and memory-enhancing experience.

Tortue Around the Globe

Here is a list of a few memory games that you can play with your children:

  • Spelling bees
  • I Spy
  • Card recall
  • Board games 
  • Chess
  • Card games
  • Scrabble
  • Picture Bingo
  • Musical Chair
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Sudoku

One of the best memory games for children is the Recap board game. Nikola Recap is a fun and quick game of focus and memory.


On each turn, the active player must recap the animal behind the card as pointed out by the opponent. On a successful recap, the active player collects the card; otherwise, the card is revealed to all players and placed face down in its original position. Keep an eye on the hint pieces to track the active animal cards on the board. Use Recap tokens strategically to secretly see animal cards of your choice at the end of your turn. The first player to collect 13 animal cards wins. Move that memory muscle and recap for a super win!

Nikola Recap Game


  • HINT PIECES - Watchfully monitor the hint pieces on the sides of the gameboard to keep track of all live animals. Hint pieces allow you to recap the animals easily 
  • RECAP TOKENS - Use Recap tokens creatively to secretly see animal cards of your choice at the end of your turn. Make sure your opponents are not peeping through the cards while you are secretly seeing the cards
  • ANIMAL CARDS - 24 Animal cards are included to keep the game fun and entertaining.

Recap game gives space to critical thinking, which helps children nurture their attention to detail. Some essential key skills are

Tortue Recap Memory Game

  • GAME OF MEMORY: Rewind your memory as you recap the animals behind the cards pointed out by the opponents. You get to collect the animal card on a successful recap. The first player to collect 13 animal cards wins the game!
  • FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION: Develop essential life skills like focus and concentration. You will have to focus on which animal is in which position and concentrate on keeping track of the new animal cards. switching the old animal cards on the board

 Nikola Recap - Your Memory. Quick and Fun Game of Memory, Focus, Concentration and Creativity | for Ages 4 Years and Up, 2-6 Players
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