Mathematics has long been a subject that students face difficulties with, leading to a significant gap in math proficiency as they progress through their academic journey. Across the world, this issue has persisted through ages. Parents are always searching for effective ways to boost their children's math skills. Forest Run, a unique board game by Nikola, emerges as a creative solution, combining fun and education to help students develop their math skills. This blog explores how Forest Run focuses on math skill development while providing a refreshing gaming experience.

Forest Run Board Game


The fear of math intensifies as students transition from middle school to high school. A quarter of students have negative views about math by Grade 7, and this number escalates to one in three students by Grade 10. The correlation between math perception and academic performance becomes increasingly significant in higher grades. These statistics highlight the growing gap in math proficiency among students. Building a strong foundation in math during the early years of education is crucial. If children gain a solid understanding of math concepts in grades 1-5, they're better equipped to tackle challenges in later years, reducing the likelihood of math anxiety. Tools like Forest Run play a vital role in introducing math in an engaging way, helping children develop a positive perception of the subject early on. This sets the stage for improved math proficiency and academic performance, bridging the gap that often emerges as students progress through middle and high school.

At a time when a robust foundation in math is vital for future job prospects, students and parents around the world are turning to external resources such as tutoring to bridge the gap and enhance learning.

Forest Run Board Game



Amidst these challenges, Forest Run by Nikola offers a refreshing approach to learning math while having fun. Designed for two to four players aged seven and older, this game adds an innovative twist to the classic Snakes and Ladders concept. Instead of using dice, Forest Run relies on game cards, giving players a wide range of strategic options.


Forest Run is more than just a board game; it's an educational tool disguised as entertainment. This game provides numerous benefits, from early educational benefits to enhancing their concentration, improving language skills, and fostering teamwork. One of the most prominent is the enhancement of math skills. Players must use addition, subtraction, and doubling to calculate their moves and resources effectively, making math interactive and practical.


By incorporating math into gameplay, Forest Run makes learning a hands-on experience. Players are motivated to think critically, plan their moves, and strategize based on their math skills. This type of interactive learning not only improves mathematical proficiency but also helps students gain confidence in their abilities. For instance, the players have to choose whether they should move or make the opponent move a certain number of steps to get the best possible outcome on their turn. This integration encourages players to apply math skills actively, turning the game into an engaging learning experience.


The math skills learned in Forest Run are not confined to the game board. These skills have real-world applications, from budgeting and financial planning to problem-solving and decision-making. Forest Run equips children with valuable life skills that extend beyond the confines of the game. A child using the addition and subtraction skills learned in Forest Run while helping their parents calculate grocery expenses or figuring out how much money they have left after buying items. Additionally, these skills could come in handy when dividing treats among friends or solving everyday problems, showcasing the practical applicability beyond the game board.


  • Early Learning: Teaches colors, counting, and hand-eye coordination, fostering skills like taking turns and following rules.
  • Brain Growth: Promotes cognitive development in older kids and teenagers, especially in strategic games like Forest Run.
  • Sharpened Focus: Playing without interruptions enhances a child's attention span.
  • Teamwork: Imparts lessons on teamwork and adaptability, crucial skills for life.
  • Soothing Anxiety: Structured games help anxious kids navigate friendships by providing clear relationship frameworks.
  • Good Loser Skills: Teaches graceful handling of losses and promotes resilience and coping skills.
  • Unplugging from Technology: Provides screen-free bonding time, allowing quality interactions without digital distractions.


Parents Testimonials on Forest Run Board Game

Forest Run by Nikola stands out as a creative and effective solution to address the persistent challenges of math proficiency among students. This unique board game redefines math learning by combining education with fun, offering students a refreshing way to develop their math skills. As the fear of math continues to affect students' academic journeys, Forest Run bridges the gap, fostering interactive learning that boosts mathematical proficiency and confidence. Beyond the game, the math skills acquired have real-world applications, making it a valuable educational tool for children of various ages. Parent testimonials further highlight the game's appeal and quality, demonstrating its positive impact on children's learning abilities. In a world where math proficiency is crucial, Forest Run is a beacon of innovation, providing an engaging path to conquer math fears and equip children with essential skills for life.

Discover the educational adventure with Forest Run by Nikola - a board game that sharpens young minds and fosters valuable life skills. Grab your copy now and watch your children thrive!


Forest Run Board Game